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xreazx : 5/5

Just have to say that I've done my first biz with 7yearsintibet and I messaged them that I was breaking some rocks to card online. Never recieved any response. After I load few money on this shop email just came with some PRO tips and high balance, working CC's. I'm a bit slow but so far my first purchase with the first card was ok 500 usd. I recomend him.

Anon : 5/5

7yearsintibet is a top quality vendor. I have generated several orders from him and have never had a bad batch; in fact I've had a larger account a couple times. Very satisfied, and I will continue to order from him. Btw 21 dump street ripped me for my money.

WalterWhite : 5/5

For those people complaining about minimum order, he has a clearly outlined policy on the ordering process and timeframe for checking dead cards.
He will work with you in that timeframe to get it resolved, and resend, and is legitimate, and will communicate. But you have to not be a dumbass, and follow the guidelines.
Vendor is legit and reliable. Recommend.

ostos : 1/5

Hello, I've fully read your listing and saw that there's a minimum purchase of 5 cards. However, I am asking you to sell me one. I would wait for other seller but he's not going to be in business until next month. If you can hook me up tonight that'd be great. Check email. I'm looking to do more business in the future once I experience more of this.

UtUt : 5/5

A 100+ from me, as was posted on site, cashed out easily using their pdf,Thanks.

stylelord : 2/5

Minimum order of 5 CC is stupid, i wanted just buy one. For a try. However i bought 5. They worked.

Hollytom : 5/5

PP account of 1000 is in my wallet now. easy tutorial. nice work.

t8nwme32 : 5/5

bought 10, one works (and is still working) and one didn't. Was refunded the one that didn't 45 minutes after i bought it (used checker). Great site, great CC's. A+

vondom: 5/5

Thanks money arrived, can't wait to make another order :)

VFBo : 5/5

I'm having alot of success with his cards, 1750-2K+ up per card(of course not every single one, but more then satisfied with percentage) and I'm sure I could pull more but taking it easy for now. Also he's resolved any issues right away via email so if you have a problem contact him, I'm confident he would take care of it...

Snake : 4/5

Hello guys,told I will have just one account and we will see from there. I'm back for larger account now. 4 btc confirmations took a while, but it was worth waiting. Tutorial really well written.

Roman : 5/5

best vendor out there

mobbWT : 5/5

Good credits cards and a really good time to recive my order,as normal from them,I hope I can get more soon because they say they don't have unlimited number,bye.

KIRA : 3/5

Hi, had a trouble reaching your tehnical support email. but i made order and got account.

sirarthur : 5/5

Nice 2 have u guys back again. Back to the money. /Sirarthur UK

Wayde : 5/5

100% legit! Good to do business with.

qwerty : 5/5

transfered btc,sent address where they should deliver,was scared have to admit but everything went smooth. thanks a lot!!

jadajada : 5/5

What could i say....hmmmm....freakin' amazing,no doubt,i knew i should buy from them because they were serious on TCF forum. Now I will order on your website.

Meduza : 5/5

7yearsintibet is a great vendor I've already ordered from him several times and it went smooth and fast. Right now I even have another order in queue. Top A+

KingJay : 5/5

thanks ppcc guys. making money with u for a while now. keep up the good work.

Vitja : 5/5


12345 : 5/5

Best on deep net! A++++++++

Estrsaw: 3/5

no replay to my first email, but automatic system worked perfect. bought new laptop. recommend.

blacksheep : 5/5

Just posting a review of my first experience.
I just finished up with my first account, purchased yesterday morning. The tutorial is very well written, and the method works 100%. All of my transactions went through without a hitch. It took ~30 hours from purchase to me having cash in my hands. AMAZING!
Thank you, PPCC. I look forward to lots of future business with you. You are performing a wonderful service here!

Tikk : 5/5

Everything went just like you they said it would. EASY AS HELL! You are awesome, i owe you big!

BreezSlow : 5/5

Good job, at least someone is providing a quality service. I've been away for a while and saw majority of the PP seller vendors have gone idle. Maybe its due to pizza being away. Anyways, I'm just speculating. Don't minde me haha.

Dennyboy : 5/5

who the fuck needs to work when this team can get you rich?seriously,im gonna keep my job just for the apprearance untill i stack enough to open a carwash who knows.hey tibet do not forget i wrote a positive review like i said if i get this done,i will be a regular buyer :) Denny

luvbroke: 5/5

Simple. Fast. Secure. Easy. 5*****

Fenriko : 5/5

I bought one last night. The tutorial is sooo simple, but works perfectly. I expected to have trouble, but it went just as smooth as the site said it would. I highly recommend this site.

Ryragun : 4/5

thank you for this awesome deal, bought a $3537 account for 0.42 btc, took about 12 hours to cash out all the money.

letuknow : 5/5

Bought one with $1100 bout an hour ago. This is a straight up business, shit's legit. tutorial is awesome, simple genius. I'm hooked!

PoloMan666 : 5/5

fast automated service, no need to write email. i dont know you, you dont know me.

knilla : 5/5

Already said something on TCF forum, but still thanks for the PP account.

wonka: 5/5

Hey people! Just letting everyone know that I just cashed out 3000$ account in 50min.

OGnome : 5/5

Daaaaaaaaaaamn son! If u need fast cash this dude is muthafcking real deal! Made a grand today eeeeeeaaasy.

someone: 4/5

first i thought this was a bit sketchy but than i actually bought an account and received it, i'm hooked now thanks allot bro.

kenkanny : 5/5

All cred to PPCC. I'm waiting for my BTC transaction to go through (which seems to take forever with my exchange). Than cashout $$$. Thanks!! Loyal buyer!

Sticky : 5/5

keep up the good work.

retro : 5/5

I paid 0.14 BTC for an account with 1500$ in BTC. It took 40 minutes for receiving the BTC in my wallet. I recommend you this service.


Thank you everybody for sharing your story.
- 7YearsInTibet Team
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